1st Interview Suits

Style recommendations provided for that great first impression.

Are you applying to be a banker, executive, manager, senior partner, junior associate, public speaker?

Believe it or not how you dress sends a powerful signal.

Let us help you look the part.

Many of our customers comment that the interviewer at the end of their interview actually asks, “Where did you get your suit?”

Remember to say “B'Spoke apparel!”

Fashion Tips

Associations and Networking Organizations

Our scanner is portable.

We can come to your events and offer style advice and custom attire to your members.

Everything from suits, dresses, jeans and uniforms.

We are able to offer group discounts on clothing to your members the same as large corporations organize for their employees with select companies.

Be sure to call us for upcoming events to find out what package deals we can offer your members.

Book us for your next event and get scanned!

Business Associates

Are you in a competitive environment?

Do you want to stand out for your boss or make a great impression on your clients?

We will offer style advice, fabric choices, etc.

We can dress you for each event, whether it is for a board meeting, job review, client meeting, networking event, client dinner or even an invite to the Super Bowl, we will make sure you turn those heads!

Let us help you dress with confidence.


We can provide 3D body scanning events for a wide variety of corporate companies.

Are you a company that gives a clothing allowance?

Let us create package deals so you are sure your employees are getting the best bang for their buck and the best advice.

They are your first impression.

Let us help them turn heads and stand out from the competition.

Confidence does breed success!

Fitness Tracker and Dresser Program

Body scanning for personal trainers, independents and gyms.

Our body scanner produces an accurate BMI.

You can actually see where you have lost weight and inches.

Excellent for analyzing your exercise program to make sure you are targeting the preferred areas.

You can actually see your body in a 3D form.

Great for motivation to keep you going to the gym.

Ask about our package deals including our tailor packages to take in those fabulous custom clothes along the way as you reach your goal.

Look fabulous and turn those heads every step of the way!

Health Plan

We work with many corporations and gyms to help their staff and clients to reach a healthier lifestyle.

Statistics show that corporations that care and look out for their staff’s health and wellness are more productive.

Gyms retain clients if their members are motivated and see the results.

Our portable 3D body scanning packages can help you reach your goals either through corporate campaigns or promotional events.

We have various packages available and can tailor others to your specific needs.

Some of our packages:

  • Corporate Wellness Program

  • Gym Motivational and Retention Programs

  • Personal Trainer Packages

  • Individual Wellness Packages

Personal Shopper

Book a private consultation and we will assess your existing wardrobe and help you ensure you have the key pieces to keep you current through each season.

As a client we will continue to work with your existing wardrobe and add complimentary pieces over time.

We often come back with unique pieces chosen specifically for our clients from the trade shows and fashion shows we attend around the world.

Our priority is to make sure you are outfitted in the latest styles.

Let us take the guess work out of how you dress for an event.

We will dress you whether it is for a meeting with a client, a black tie event, a sporting event or even a first date.

Dress with confidence.

Let us help you turn those heads!

Shape Analysis

B'Spoke apparel will make sure you are dressing correctly for your shape and suggest clothes to flatter your individual personality and style.

Using state of the art technology, we produce a true-to–scale 3D body model in seconds.

Over 400 unique measurements are extracted to create accurate, realistic avatars which we use to design that perfect fit.

We can even send your avatar down the runway.

Our shape analysis recommendations are included free of charge with every purchase.

We are committed to make sure you turn those heads!