About us 

B'SPOKE apparel Ltd.

B'Spoke apparel is based on the concept of the “wow factor” that you get when you are polished and have that ‘sense of style’. Our objective through our precise measurements, style analysis and wardrobe consultations is have someone take that 180 degree turn to look at you after you have passed them by.

  With the use of groundbreaking technology, we use a portable body scanner for measurements combined with traditional bespoke technique to take fashion and style recommendations based on body shape to a futuristic level. In seconds we produce a true-to–scale 3D body model. Over 400 unique measurements and over 600,000 data points are extracted to create accurate, realistic avatars which we use to design that perfect fit. We can even send your avatar down the runway for those of you that have the hidden desire to be a runway model. Here’s your chance to strut your stuff.

  Everything is custom made to fit whether you are tall or petite. We have styles for you to choose from or we can design what you want.

  • We can create a waist when there is none.
  • Elongate when you are petite.
  • Balance when you are tall.

  Let us help you turn those heads. Just remember to tell them B'Spoke apparel as you pass them by!

Why choose B'SPOKE apparel?

  • Delivery in 4-6 weeks
  • Design exactly what you are looking for
  • Made to your exact body measurements
  • Order year round
  • Thousands of fabrics to choose from
  • Finest Italian,  silk, satin, cashmere and wool fabrics available
  • Direct manufacturer
  • Special pricing for group and corporate accounts

About Us