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We have been making academic attire since 1956, originally as Chorister Gowns & Robes. We carry on that tradition today by ensuring students look their best on their graduation day. We provide graduation apparel for everyone between kindergarten and graduate school. 

B’Spoke Apparel not only provides gowns to students but also organizes rental programs for schools (grade school to post secondary). We supply gowns, caps, and accessories as well as coordinate rental services for graduation ceremonies. Through our rental system we ensure that students have the correct regalia for their special day and that all rented items are returned in an efficient manner. Please complete the contact form on the rentals page if your educational institution is interested in our services or has any questions.

If you are a student looking to rent a gown, hood, or any other item please proceed through to our rental portal.


For over sixty years we have been providing quality garments for clergy and choir members across Atlantic Canada. Many of our customers still have our products with our company’s original nametag, Chorister Gowns & Robes, which speaks to the quality of our garments. We produce gowns, cassocks, stoles, albs, surplices, and many more clergy accessories. Tell us what you are looking for and our team will ensure it meets your specifications.



B’Spoke Apparel has extensive experience in crafting legal attire such as call to bar, judicial, and barrister gowns. Contact us today and let us know how we can assist you. In addition to robes B’Spoke Apparel offers a corporate discount to all law firms. The corporate discount entails preferential pricing on suits and dress wear as well as style consultations to guarantee that your entire team dresses professionally in every situation.

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