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We take great pride in manufacturing mess dress uniforms for the Canadian Military. We are a third-generation military family, and we are pleased to offer exceptional quality uniforms at a great price. 


Each of our uniforms is hand-made with care. We consider you a client for life and we are here to serve your needs. As a CFOne member you receive 25% off any of our other regular priced items. Once you are measured just go online and order any of our other products, that will be delivered to your door custom-made! 


We have been supplying hospitality staff, servers, bartenders, chefs for decades. Our restaurant and hotel staff uniforms are designed for frontline employees who need to look and feel their best when they are working. Our hospitality apparel consists of durable and functional material that maintains a professional look. 

Through our mobile scanning solution, we can obtain accurate measurements of your entire staff in one day. This eliminates the hassle of remeasurement and uniforms that need to be resized or tailored. Each member of your staff will have a uniform specifically designed for them. Contact us today if you are looking to improve your teams’ uniforms.


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