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Since the start of the pandemic B’Spoke Apparel has been providing masks to workers, retirement homes, and tens of thousands of masks to the Department of National Defence. From the beginning our masks have been made with three layers of breathable and comfortable fabric as per WHO recommendations for non-medical masks. An inner layer of absorbent cotton material. A middle disposable filter layer of melt-blown non-woven polypropylene or permanent FDA approved PTFE material filter. An outer layer of a non-absorbent polyester or scuba neoprene material.

For extra protection and convenience, upgrade your filter to the permanent PP-30-D (PTFE) high-efficiency barrier filter:

  • FDA approved

  • Filters 99% of particulate matter (0.3 microns), including bacteria and viruses

  • Hydrophobic, preventing the transfer of bodily fluids

  • Reusable and washable

  • Low air and moisture resistance allowing for uninhibited breathing


Custom Masks

We have solutions if you are looking to order masks in bulk for your business or family. We can print any design on your mask whether that is a company logo or a print that you would like on your mask. Creating your custom mask is as simple as:

  • Browse the different patterns below

  • Tell us what you are looking for by answering a few questions

  • One of our sales specialists will reach out to you to complete your order

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