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B’Spoke Apparel Measurement App

Accurate and Convenient

B’Spoke Apparel has a new mobile scanning solution. Customers can now get accurate measurements from the convenience of their home. All you need is a smartphone, form fitting clothing, and a wall with no paintings or windows.

We have always strived to have the latest technology that improves the experience of our customers. We were one of the first companies to have mobile scanning booths, that we placed in variety of locations and stores across Canada. Now, anyone with a smartphone can obtain accurate measurements, without having to schedule an appointment with a tailor.

When you complete the scan and share your measurements, we receive hundreds of data points as well as non-identifiable 3D model. This information is invaluable as we can account for posture, shoulder slope, and a variety of other factors that are not listed in your measurements. It is like a master tailor has taken your measurements. All this can be done from the convenience of your home at any time you prefer.

3 Easy Steps

The process for getting scanned is only 3 steps which take a few minutes to complete.

1. Download the mobile app

2. Scan yourself (The app guides you with audio instructions)

3. Scan a QR code to share your measurement data with B’Spoke Apparel

Get Measured!

We are especially proud to introduce this solution for our military customers. Regardless of where they are posted, they can now be scanned and receive a perfectly fitting uniform. Download the app and see how convenient it is to get measured today!

To download the app or for more information about our mobile scanning solution please visit

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